Vesta 0.9.8-18 with Softaculous

Afer a very long break, I can tell you that vesta released a new version! FINALLY! This update is many times rescheduled, but 29 December it finally arrived. With 1478 commits and 141 merged pull requests, Many fixed bugs or improvements. Less new features in this version.

VestaCP hack explained

A few weeks ago the Vesta team released a new version because of a 0day security bug. I think after a few weeks it’s time, to tell the truth about the security bug. On 7 April 2016, I found hack activity on one of my servers. I also received the security report of the hacker to tell me how he has done it. I instantly send this bug to the Vesta team.

Vestacp cronjob planner

VestaCP 0.9.8-16 is out!

Finally! After again a long time of waiting there is the VestaCP 0.9.8-16 release! For me it’s somewhat unexpected, it is not really a major release but mainly a bug fix and refactor release. It is unexpected because there wasn’t activity around Vesta until last weekend. I haven’t take a look at the new changes, I just installed the new release so I’m wondering what it brings to us.

Creating a website or blog? Where to start!

This morning I got a message from someone who wanna start blogging or creating a website. You can look on Google, and you will find many tips. When I do a fast search on ‘how to create a website’ Google says ‘About 1.400.000.000 results.’ Oh god, that is much! You can start in many different ways, and the result will be the same you will have a website or blog. But not all the ways you can follow are the smartest, cheapest, most efficient or best ways.

IPV6 Support in VestaCP

I’m finally ready with the IPV6 support, after some long weeks of coding is everything ready. This feature has many impacts on the code, I have to do a lot of tests and I hope that everything works great. But for some bugs I haven’t found a solution. In this post, I have made an overview of what I have done to achieve the IPV6 support in VestaCP.

You want to be a web developer?

The 5 test tools I use as a professional tester

Today I going to talk about the five test tools that I use. As a professional software tester, I use a lot of tools to speed up my work. Most of my job is testing web-based applications, I can do everything manually, but that cost me a lot of time. That’s why I mostly try to automate as much as possible.

VestaCP upgrade instructions for apache to php-fpm CentOS

In my previous post could you read about the performance of PHP-fpm vs Apache. In this post, I will tell you how you can upgrade to PHP-fpm on an existing server with Apache. To make it easier, I wrote a script for centos 6.7.

VestaCP PHP-FPM VS Apache

With the introduction of vestaCP 15, there is also a new installation wizard. It is now possible to set up a Nginx with PHP-fpm server. But why should we upgrade? The current setups still work? I tested a few setups. To see if an update is necessary. I set up two identical VPS systems, one using PHP-fpm another Apache.


VestaCP File manager

One of the greatest new feature since long in vestaCP is the vestaCP file manager. After a short explanation in an earlier post, I now give you a more detailed look at the file manager. The file manager is very user-friendly and easy to use. The interface has a similar modern look as the existing control panel, making it easy for users to get the file manager quickly mastered. The screen is quick and only contains the necessary functions nowhere you find a button where you need to think twice about the meaning.

VestaCP 15 is comming! Update now!

Here is it! Version 15 of the hosting control panel VestaCP. After a long delay and 250 commits, the developer has updated its roadmap. The release includes several new features such as commercial plugins, PHP-FPM, UI improvements and bug fixes.